1. What is Iyashi Mizu made of?

  • Iyashi Mizu is made of purified water and sodium chloride (salt)

2. What makes Iyashi Mizu so effective against bacteria, virus, fungi and mold?

  • The active ingredient in Iyashi Mizu is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is produced through a process of electrolysis of water and salt. HOCl is a non-toxic, natural pathogenic killer that is also found in the human body and produced by the white blood cells in our bodies.

3. Why does Iyashi Mizu smell like swimming pool water?

  • When you spray Iyahsi Mizu onto a surface or your skin, the proteins in a germ’s cell membrane causes a chemical reaction and forms chloramines. This releases a smell similar to a swimming pool.The smell is harmless and dissipates into the air quickly, unlike the toxic smell that can occur after the use of bleach.This smell only occurs when there are many germs on a surface. This means that the more you use it, the fainter the smell will become as there will be fewer germs reacting with the disinfectant.

4. Is Iyashi Mizu a type of bleach?

  • People sometimes confuse HOCl with bleach, since HOCl works as well as bleach. But although they are equally effective at killing pathogens, that's where the similarities really end.

  • Your body naturally produces HOCl, but it certainly never produces bleach. HOCl is a much more gentle formula -- one that your body is already familiar with.

  • And, even though bleach is a powerful cleaning agent, it actually takes a lot more of it to work as well as HOCl. But we must never forget that bleach is also a very toxic and corrosive agent that can cause severe health issues. So, in that sense, HOCl is actually a better antimicrobial agent than bleach is.

  • You might be wondering why you've never heard of HOCl, since it's so powerful and effective. The main reason: It's far more expensive and difficult to make than bleach. It also has a far shorter shelf life than bleach. So, although it works better, HOCl hasn't enjoyed the same popularity that bleach has.  

5. What if I or my children accidentally swallowed Iyashi Mizu?

  • Iyashi Mizu is only made of water and salt, therefore, even if you accidentally swallowed or ingested it or spray it into your eyes, nothing will happen to you. In fact, because your body also produces HOCl through your white blood cells, you are merely adding on to the HOCl count in your body

6. Where can I use Iyashi Mizu?

  • You can use Iyashi Mizu anywhere and everywhere. HOCl has been approved by several governing bodies such as FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), USDA (US Department of Agriculture), ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), WHO (World Health Organization) and NCAC (National Consumer Affairs Centre of Japan), just to name a few, to be used to treat, sanitize and sterilize premises, vegetables, meats and kitchen utensils

7. How long will my house/office stay sanitized once I spray Iyashi Mizu?

  • For as long as there are no new walk-ins into the area who are not sanitized, your place will remain sterilized. Always assume that anyone who walks out of the house/office and walks back in will always bring something foreign into the premises. Therefore, it is best to sanitize everyone and anyone who walks into the house/office
  • When you use the diffuser in an enclosed premise, the HOCl particles will stay in the air for at least 3-4 hours