How else can I use Iyashi Mizu?

Apart from just killing bacteria and viruses, Iyashi Mizu is also able to get rid of mold and fungi. Mold and fungi normally thrive is moist and warm conditions. Living in an environment that is moldy can cause serious health issues as mold creates spores that are carried in the air. The slightest movement around the moldy area will cause the spores to be air-borne and thereafter, sucked into the lungs as we breath. These particles can irritate the lungs, nose, and throat, especially in a person who already has a breathing problem, asthma or a chronic lung condition.

By spraying, Iyashi Mizu onto the moldy spot, the HOCl content seeps into the root and kills it like a weed-killer.

You can also spray Iyashi Mizu on the following areas:

  • Bedroom - on the bed and pillows. HOCl kills bedbugs / dust mites
  • Bathroom - on your toothbrush, towel, commode, shower area, sink and toilet brush holder
  • Living area - sofa, cushions and carpet
  • Kitchen - fridge, sink, chopping board, washing sponge