...in the office











    How many people do you think press the "going up" and "going down" buttons to call the elevator every day? What about the "Lobby" button inside? A lot, that's how many. So they have more germs than other places. You could use your elbow to choose your floor, though you might get some funny looks. Or after you push the button, this is where the handy 50ml spray bottle comes in handy. Give your hands a quick “bath” with your Iyashi Mizu sanitizer during your ride.









      Everyone uses them to get around your workplace. The more people that do, the larger the variety of germs that can pass from person to person among you all. Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds to help stop the spread. You can also ask the cleaning staff to wipe down or spray it with Iyashi Mizu before touching the handles and it’ll be as clean as before anyone touched it.

        #3. THE DESKTOP








        It's got far more germs -- about 400 times more -- than a toilet seat. That's about 21,000 bacteria, viruses, and fungi per square inch. As you've probably noticed, these little guys travel most often on your hands, moving to and from things as you touch them. That's why washing your hands often and spraying them with Iyashi Mizu is key to stopping the spread of infections.

          #4. THE KEYBOARD








          You probably sneeze on it, eat over it, and spill drinks on it. And you never clean it. Ever. Even after that time you had to check an important email in the middle of a cinnamon twist. You know who likes the sticky fingerprints and crumbs you left on the keys? Germs. And if you share a keyboard with your co-workers, it could be even worse. Each person adds their own oil, grime, and meal tidbits.

            #5. THE OFFICE EQUIPMENT









            Germs can hide and thrive on the buttons of the printer, copier and other devices. People rarely think to clean them. Put a bottle of Iyashi Mizu nearby to remind yourself each time you use a machine.

              #6. THE WATER DISPENSER










              To fill your glass, typical office water dispensers aren't "safer" than regular tap water. Germs can get on bottles during transport and delivery. And people touch the cooler to get their water, sometimes several times a day. Because Iyashi Mizu is non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about your body being contaminated by toxic alcohol or chemicals. Alternatively, to avoid illness during cold and flu season, you could bring your own water from home or buy it in bottles.

                #7. THE SINK











                Just as in your home, the large variety of hands and food makes it a magnet for bacteria and other germs. The part you touch most -- the faucet handle -- often has the most. Because everyone touches it.

                #8. THE KITCHEN SPONGE









                It's wet and absorbent, perfect if you want to collect and nurture germs. Most new sponges will have bacteria like E. coli and salmonella within 3 weeks. And when people use the sponge during the day, they transfer its germs to other parts of the office (including coffee cups). Just 2 minutes in the microwave kills most things. Try to do that once a day, and replace the sponge every 2 weeks.

                #9. THE MICROWAVE DOOR















                So many people heat up their lunch in these magical machines. And each person has to touch the door several times to open and close it, putting food in and taking it out. That handle is often one of the dirtiest spots in an office. About half tested in a large study had high levels of a chemical linked to living organisms. Add it to your list of places to spray with Iyashi Mizu to sanitize it now and then.

                #10. THE RESTROOM









                Germs like E. coli bacteria can cover the office bathroom. Even getting your hands clean can be hard because the faucet handles may be especially dirty. You could hold a paper towel in your hand when you turn the water on and off, as well as when you push the handle to flush the toilet.