Why use HOCL for animals?

Hypochlorous Acid: HOCL

The chemical Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is weak acidic chlorine that is actually a natural occurring chemical, produced in the mammalian body by Leukocytes or Neutrophils to fight infection caused by invading microorganisms or pathogens (bacterial, viral and fungal.) In the mammalian body, during tissue injury or infection, neutrophils, white blood cells, travel to the site of infection where they capture and engulf the pathogen then produce Hypochlorous to destroy these harmful pathogen.

Stabilised Hypochlorous is a revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare with many 100 times the effectiveness of standard antiseptics while proven to be 100% safe, other antiseptics struggle to achieve the 99.999% efficacy required for a Standard EN13727 test, whereas a good and well-produced HOCL formulation can achieve 99.99999% efficacy on the same test; a 100 fold improvement in efficacy, whilst still remaining nontoxic, non-irritant and skin pH neutral.

Applications and Usages

Cuts, wounds, stubborn infections, rashes and skin irritations, dry, itchy, flaky or smelly skin problems, ear and eye infections, burns and abbess, are just some of the many uses of Iyashi Mizu, and of course as a general purpose antiseptic.

Using Iyashi Mizu to flush and debride a wound or to clean an infection not only dramatically reduces the pathogens, but also has the effect of calming the associated inflammation as the body responds to the presence of the very chemical the Neutrophil makes to fight infection.

Mammalian skin is the largest and probably the most important organ of the body, its health and well-being is not only paramount to a healthy animal, but it is also often good indicator of overall heath. Iyashi Mizu can be used to help maintain healthy skin; it acts as a topical wound wash, an antibacterial treatment, promotes healing by reducing potential for infection and is a preventative solution, by destroying pathogens before they have chance to take hold. Spraying Iyashi Mizu washes the area, its highly effective antiseptic properties cleanse and eradicate germs, preventing infection, Iyashi Mizu is instant in its effect, working on contact and resulting in faster recovery time.

Iyashi Mizu can be used safely on all mammals including felines, which do suffer sensitivities to Chlorhexidine based antiseptics, these can cause severe irritation, tissue damage and in some cases deafness.