Is Iyashi Mizu a type of bleach?

  • People sometimes confuse HOCl with bleach, since HOCl works as well as bleach. But although they are equally effective at killing pathogens, that's where the similarities really end.

  • Your body naturally produces HOCl, but it certainly never produces bleach. HOCl is a much more gentle formula -- one that your body is already familiar with.

  • And, even though bleach is a powerful cleaning agent, it actually takes a lot more of it to work as well as HOCl. But we must never forget that bleach is also a very toxic and corrosive agent that can cause severe health issues. So, in that sense, HOCl is actually a better antimicrobial agent than bleach is.

  • You might be wondering why you've never heard of HOCl, since it's so powerful and effective. The main reason: It's far more expensive and difficult to make than bleach. It also has a far shorter shelf life than bleach. So, although it works better, HOCl hasn't enjoyed the same popularity that bleach has.